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Built-in Step Tracker for distance measurement, with many other features that support daily exercise

Featuring Smartphone Link with accelerometer for accurate distance measurement, plus many other features for running, walking and other kinds of daily exercise. The dedicated app makes training even easier to manage. This watch is an essential piece of sports gear for any active lifestyle.



Distance measurements

Step counting accomplished with an accelerometer and proprietary algorithm deliver highly accurate distance measurement. Distance adjustment is also possible using smartphone GPS. After adjustments are made, the watch can measure running distance more accurately, even without connecting to a smartphone.

Dial design

Employs a combination dial that displays both time and measurements. The dial sports the same texture as the band, and features parts with vapour deposition, hairline, and mirror finishes to deliver visibility and a sense of quality.

Exterior design

The DISP button for switching displays is on the 9 o’clock side so it does not interfere with the wrist, improving operability. The lugs have ventilation parts to provide breathability. The soft urethane band improves fit and has plenty of band holes, allowing for precise length adjustments.

New module

A newly developed specially shaped LCD encloses an analogue block. By eliminating overlapping parts, we achieve both a slimmer case and a larger LCD area. This, in turn, allowed for a multifunctional digital display, including an exercise intensity graph.


Running measurements

Enables not only stopwatch measurements, but also distance, speed, pace, and calorie consumption measurements. Auto lap measurement also supported. Displays a graph to show exercise intensity at five stages.

Step Tracker

Counts steps automatically when you start walking. The LCD displays total daily steps, as well as progress against your target on a circular indicator.

Interval timer

The multi-timer can be set to up to five different time settings. It can ring a smartphone when time is up, and is handy for listening to music while training.

Double LED light
(Super Illuminator)

High-brightness LED lights up the LCD with high-intensity light, maintaining watch readability in the dark.

Smartphone appG-SHOCK MOVE


Enables easy management of training on the app, from creating plans to checking history and results.